What makes SET GK Gloves different? 

SET GK Gloves will be in a very exclusive group of goalkeeper glove brands. SET GK Gloves is one of the few goalkeeper glove brands, owned, designed, tested and worn by an active professional goalkeeper in North America. Many gloves claim to be "designed by pros". From start to finish, SET GK Gloves are created by professional goalkeepers that know what it takes to succeed. 

Why SET GK Gloves?

SET GK Gloves set out to make a glove that exceeded the level of sophistication, effectiveness and trustworthiness of the average glove brand at an affordable price. Goalkeeping is expensive, becoming a high level goalkeeper takes a significant time and financial investment. We set out to ease that burden without any loss of durability, sophistication, comfortability or overall effectiveness. 

Where can I buy SET GK Gloves? 

SET GK Gloves can be bought online at setgoalkeeping.com. We also work with select retailers, get in touch with setgoalkeeping@gmail.com to find out if there is a retail store near you that carries SET GK Gloves!

How do I get SET GK Gloves in my store? 

At SET GK Gloves, we want to align ourselves with people and businesses going about growing the game the right way. Each retail store or online shop must be carefully vetted. Contact us at setgoalkeeping@gmail.com to find out how you can get SET GK Gloves in your store.

Does SET GK Gloves work with clubs and academies? 

Yes, SET GK Gloves works with clubs and academies and would love to find a way to work with your club or academy! Get in touch at setgoalkeeping@gmail.com to find out how to make it happen!

Does SET GK Gloves sponsor goalkeepers? 

Yes! SET GK Gloves is actively looking for amateur and professional goalkeepers to sponsor. Send your CV, highlight video and social media links to setgoalkeeping@gmail.com to be considered for a sponsorship agreement. SET GK Gloves also sponsors goalkeepers that work specifically within social media. Think your brand could benefit from a SET GK Gloves sponsorship? Send us an email! 

Can I come pick up my gloves at your offices after I order?

No, SET GK Gloves has multiple offices across North America; our locations include Colorado and New Jersey in the United States and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

How do I take care of my gloves?

You have a few options. First and foremost, YOU MUST PREWASH YOUR GLOVES. As you can tell we feel strongly about prewashing your gloves before you use them. Gloves can rip from many situations; goalkeeper technique, field conditions, type of training, failure to care for gloves properly. It is important to note that all gloves will wear and rip eventually, latex is a sensitive material that provides the tackiness and weight that goalkeepers need but this is the nature of latex! Prewashing your gloves starts you on a path to durability and long lasting gloves! Gloves will rip from friction! When the gloves are dry and the ball is dry the latex has a greater chance of ripping. Prewashing the gloves gets rid of chemicals used to create the glove in production and will add that bit of moisture to your glove that will create less friction and latex that is ready to perform!

Goalkeepers should wash their gloves twice every six uses. Taking them in the shower post training, rinsing the dirt off the latex in the sink after training or throwing them in the washing machine are all useful methods. DO NOT dry your gloves in your dryer! After squeezing the water out of them, either hang them in the shower, laundry room or another room temperature place for them to hang dry. Make sure they are not exposed to the sun for an extended period, this will dry out the latex! If hang drying is not an option, after squeezing the excess water out, fold them into a towel and keep them in a similar climate controlled condition.