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The starting position for a goalkeeper, often referred to as your "set position" is where our story begins. From the gloves our goalkeepers wear, to the way they train, to their effectiveness on the field, we want to be with our players and coaches from the very beginning.

That's why the goal of SET Goalkeeping is to provide a Sophisticated, Effective and Trustworthy approach to developing goalkeepers and goalkeeper gloves.

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As a professional goalkeeper and avid goalkeeper coach, owner and founder, Eric Klenofsky felt like he had more to give to the game. SET Goalkeeping will work with an emphasis on sophistication, effectiveness and trustworthiness. Developing goalkeepers and goalkeeper gloves of the highest standard is the goal for SET GK.

Through mentorship and hard work, SET GK will develop young goalkeepers with dreams into goalkeepers with the self-belief and the skill set to tackle any obstacle. This is where the birth of SET GK comes from, from a place of understanding, a place of compassion and a place of forward thinking. 

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Sophisticated - SET GK gloves and goalkeeper development methodology is built on a great deal of experience and knowledge of what it takes to build a high level goalkeeper glove and goalkeeper. 

Effective - SET GK gloves and goalkeeper development methodology is driven by success; producing dependable gloves and dependable goalkeepers will be a staple of our mission.

Trustworthy - SET GK gloves and goalkeeper development methodology will be reliable. From the materials used in our glove production to the content our coaches provide to their students, we will be reliable.