Coach Pathway Project

The Coach Pathway Project (CPP) is a new initiative we will be introducing at SETGK. The CPP has been developed to support the goalkeepers and coaches within the company in a way that is unique to SETGK.
The CPP will be used to identify, develop, and enhance the goalkeeper coaching aspirations of the many goalkeepers and coaches within the organization. A select number of SETGK members will be identified as high potential goalkeeper coaches. Coach educators will be assigned to each member chosen to participate in the project.
The Coach educators will be made up of current full time goalkeeper coaches working within professional soccer or collegiate athletics. We understand that some members chosen may be particularly interested in a career in collegiate athletics and some may be more attracted to the professional sports world, the mentors will be assigned based on this dynamic and many others like it.
If we want to develop more goalkeepers, we need to develop more goalkeeper coaches. That is why the goal of the CPP will be to develop the next generation of goalkeeper coaches through SETGK. Throughout this 9 month mentorship, members will be exposed to discussions on:  
·      Session design
·      Scout presentation
·      Set piece organization
·      Networking & Coaching course / conference guidance
·      Mock interviews & job placement
·      Social Media training & etiquette
·      A minimum of four guest speakers that will be at the forefront of goalkeeper coaching evolution
The coach mentors and the team at SETGK will be invested in developing the next generation of goalkeeper coaches through Coach Pathway Project.

If interested, please apply through this application.