3 Things Developing GKs Don't Necessarily Need, But Are Great To Have

3 Things Developing GKs Don't Necessarily Need, But Are Great To Have


with Robert Montanaro of Ostavalls IF (Sweden)


1) A GoPro:

Video footage is superfluous in the modern game. From the pros down to youth football you can now find a video camera at almost every pitch. That being said…games are not often filmed from angles that are most beneficial to the goalkeeper. Sure the side shot with height (as most often used with Veos) is great for overall footage and perfect for distribution, but goalkeepers and their coaches are often unable to accurately study their angles, communication and decision making because they are not able to get the goalkeepers perspective in the moment. That's where a GoPro comes in. Stick one of these behind your net…or in your net (if you’re Ben Foster) and you’re able to have a whole new perspective which (In addition to more traditional footage) can give your goalkeeper and goalkeeper coach a fuller picture of key moments in the match and speed up your tactical development.

2) Glove Wash:

Glove wash extends the life-span of gloves tremendously.. and it will keep them from smelling like death. I would recommend picking up some Glove Glu and washing your gloves at least once a week.

3) A Strength Coach:

While I would classify gym work as mandatory for a developing goalkeeper to build their strength and power (NOT to train like a bodybuilder), it is even better if you are able to be in there with a professional coach who can make sure you have a program tailored to your goals and are properly executing the various different exercises.

If interested in learning more about strength & conditioning, we recommend checking out Jesse Goleman's page!

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